Friday, November 18, 2005

underwater Posted by Picasa

i read the news today, o boy  Posted by Picasa

fury Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 17, 2005

some new work

these have been *done* for a couple of weeks....just getting time to take px.
the rust piece is done...stitched etc.
the other 2 pieces are still just one layer of painted canvas. i;m not sure what
i want to do with them yet. i think fury is close to finished.....underwater may
still need some printing, painting, etc. then there's the to stitch or not to stitch
decision. i haven't had time to just sit and look at them. so they still haven't told
me what they want.
any ideas?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

installation influenced by the columns / rows of trees Posted by Picasa

river's edge 04 Posted by Picasa

oak alley

from the sketchbook

a few px from last year and last weekend.! for frances.

oak alley with a rain storm on the way Posted by Picasa

fence winding around old oaks to the left of oak alley Posted by Picasa

river road (to the right of oak alley) Posted by Picasa

in the back of oak alley after a rain Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oops forgot!

the rest of the list

5. (apparntetly i skipped 5....ok . so i;m not good at numbers either.......and considergin the screwed up order of thsi list i amy be more dyslexic than i think!

11. while wathcing the river roll by yesterday i realized just how much i am influenced by rythm. i was fascinated at the rythm of the waves left behind after a large barge tow went by.
(kidn of looked like the loch ness monster frankly!)

12. i love history.... thats what my first degree was in...(with the exception of military-political history which is pretty much how its usually taught unfortunately) . social, cultural, intecllectual history is what relaly floats my boat. essentially its just the stories of our ancestors.

13. along those lines, my dads family was part of the german emigration to the river in the early 1700's. i doubt the mosquito infested heat and humidity was what they were expectign to find but somehow they managed to survive adn build a thriving agricultural community. they grew rice and sugar cane and lived in, built, and bought various plantations along the river. some of which are still standing.

14. having said that , my dh and i bougth an old house @ 6 years ago that we;ve been slowly renovating. ( sold a perfectly wonderful brand new house we had built (with doors that actually closed and a gjillion electric outlets to do this!) it;s been an interesting experince to say the least! as much trouble as they can be, i still love old houses. it;s very comforting to live in a space thats long since been broken in, where adding one more nick or dent to the floor just adds to the patina....

15. like dijanne, i woudl much prefer beign barefoot and i am definately a floor sitter/worker. i pretty much always end up working on the floor ....(usually cus whatever talbe top i;m supposed to be working on gets so filled with Stuff. )

16. i am infp ...the f and p are pretty middle groudn and flip flop fro time to time but the introverted part is strong. i need my own space and time to myself and can get pretty darned grumpy without it.

17. i am realllly having that glass itch bad.. i want a kiln so bad i can taste it!

18. i am embarassed to admit that even tho they;ve been losing for 30+ years i am still and have been a Saints fan since day 1. thank god lsu knows how to win...

19. i used to love to garden, now i just end up with mega allergies.

20. i should be outside welding instead of inside on the computer.

and an extra:

21. i made it thru all 20 wihtout once mentioning the h word! (hurricane.....)

20 things list continured

from the sketchbook

6. i;m abosltuey a night person.

7, as much as i like the IDEA of simplicity and order , i am a pack rat and collector of Stuff. i coudl definatly
hold my own in the messiest studio category.

8 i;ve been married for 31 years....( yes i was a baby.....) and have 2 kids. an almost 21 year old son, and an 18 yr old daughter
whos supposed to be away at school but who has come home every weekend since!

9.most succesful stress buster: meditation

10 i love books..alwyas have, alwyas will. @ a year ago a high school friend mailed a book back to me that i had made
eons ago. i was damned impressed that i had done it ! i had totally forgotten about it.

to be continued.............this is as long as i can stand to sit at teh computer adn write.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

collection of rust and driftwood  Posted by Picasa

lovely dried mud texture  Posted by Picasa

waves and reflections Posted by Picasa

the 20 thigns list

1/ obvilusy, i type very dyslexically. what;s really weird is i can spell...its typing i cant do. its a spatial thing. cant dance either. have 3 left feet. and i am pretty backwards when it comes to mehcanical things as well. i often wonder how i am able to do the things i do!

2. i am turnign 50 in a few weeks. on thanksgiving )nov 24 for those of you outside the states)
i was born on thanksgiving, adn fraknly have always considered it MY day! i have a very nice collection of turkey platters that i have yet to unpack and hang since we moved to this house...... 6 years ago.....

3. i went back to school to get my art degree in was pretty much an impulsive decision. my husband and i had been asked to do an exhibit at the local museum by an artist in town who i was jsut gettign to know. she had a wonderful studio where she taught a variety of classes. i remember thinkgin i would like to take classes with her.. someday....when the kids were older.. when i had more free time etc.... the show went up, and b4 it came down she discovered she had cancer adn died. this was @ a year after my dad had died of cancer. i realised right then and there that if you wnat to do soemthign in life you;d best jump in and do it cus there sure arent any guarantees.

4. i was born in new orleans and lived there till i was 12. i lived a couple of blocks off of the levee
(west bank of the river). i am a river girl thru and thru. in fact, my dh and i had a picnic at the levee this afternoon....
here are a few px.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

here i am, resolutley gathering art materials~@  Posted by Picasa

signs on every streetcorner.  Posted by Picasa

uprooted tree looking very sculptural Posted by Picasa

watermark on I-10 Posted by Picasa

ghosttown in the quarters. Posted by Picasa

the ever popular fridges on the neutral ground  Posted by Picasa

barge run aground on levee  Posted by Picasa

first trip back

to new orleans.
we went in saturday: 2 months after katrina.
it was both better and worse than i expected.
it was way too quiet in the french quarters. eerily so.
i was amazed at the water marks in unexpected places.
and city park just broke my heart.
but it felt really good to be back in spite of all that.
i went to teh west bank and spent soem time checking
the view from the levees near where i grew up and that
seemed more normal. collected some driftwood from the
tangles that had been deposited by the rising water .........
and took lots of pictures