Wednesday, May 23, 2007

back to back!

posting 2 nights in a row! o my!

couldn't resist sharing the lastest hurricane news...

we (terrebonne parish) are on target as having the highest possibility for hurricane force winds this year...

if that's all we get, i'm ready.
75 mph i can do.
the rest we don't want to talk about...

i especially love the last comment at the tail end of the article...

stay tuned....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 random facts....

linda minton had tagged me....
so here goes...

  1. claire is my middle name... causes more trouble than you'd think since legal stuff is all under my first name. (nope. not telling)

  2. cooking is not in my vocabulary. the list of things i have burnt grows daily; ditto the stiff that just plain old doesn't taste good. i CAN make a damned good salad, tho.

  3. once upon a time i grew 77 rose bushes (before kids...)

  4. i have extraordinarily vivid and colorful dreams (when i manage to sleep!)

  5. i have a wonderful memory for totally useless information

  6. i have never lived out of hearing distance of water.... from the mississippi to the intracoastal..i love listening to boats at night when it's quiet..

  7. i am a pack rat, but at the same time, i really love clear space. those 2 extremes just don't work well together!

and since i really don't like to blog unless i have some photos to post here are some of my random favorites...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a little rusty

thanks to all of y'all for the words of does help!

i have been busy doing everything but making art for the most part...with the exception of rusting some fabric. while cleaning up, i came across some *new* rusty things and set to work rusting and re-rusting fabrics. between the new rust and the rainy, humid weather i got some good results.

have recycled some of the old deteriorating rusty items back into the ground where they will
enhance the landscape while continuing to decompose. ashes to ashes, rust to rust??


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

coming up for air

i wasn't going to do this. post about my personal life. but i've had questions and concerns, which i actually's nice to know you miss me when i don't post.

the not so good news..
my almost 33 year old marriage is in the process of ending. it came out of the blue, and was a shock. looking back i can see there were signs. it's been a hard month of a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. i know ultimately it's a good thing, but it brings waves upon waves of change.
however, as the old saying goes: "change is good.." while i certainly don't always like the process, i can't deny that in the end. that's a pretty accurate statement... moves on...
not much art making has happened.
but things are brewing in my head again...

and 'i've realized with startling clarity just how autobiographical my hurricane pieces have been. many of those headlines well make their way into some more personal pieces...

and for the much better news...

I received a copy of British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine from my friend Marlene Cohen
last week. In it is a wonderful article she wrote about the Open Hear/Helping Hands exhibit that Laura Cater-Woods curated.

not only were three of my pieces photographed, but also the work of 2 new friends i met in Florida: Sharon Ahmed, and Rebecca Reasons-Edwards. It was so exciting to turn the page and see their work as well. what a small world we live in!

one of the pieces of mine that is in the article is I Read the News Today O Boy, which is also at Markings, the PAQA exhibit.

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