Thursday, January 31, 2008

i'm BACK!!

gee i hope this is like riding a bike. been so long - not sure i remember how to do this!
hopefully there won't be such a HUGE gap anymore...

arrived back in town last tuesday night from a wonderful trip up to cleveland to tape a segment for qatv. not sure what was more fun. hanging out with old friends - rayna gillman and judy perez - -or meeting new friends - jane davila, who was there with hubby, carlos, and shelly stokes. and of course it was wonderful to see pokey again as well. then there was the SNOW! which for this southern girl, was a treat! tho frankly, i seem to have been the only one who was thrilled to see that! rayna couldn't believe i didn't know what the snow remover contraption in our rental car was.... hello!! not much call for that way down in south louisisana i'm sure that if i had to clear snow and ice off of car windshields on a daily basis i wouldn't think it was quite as fun....
but it and the snow were highly entertaining, as you can see:

everyone at the studio was just wonderful to work with! someone took my camera and shot these photos without me even knowing!

not sure when these segments will air, but i will post the information as soon as i do know.

and as you can see, since this took me a week to get from beginning to actually posting, perhaps this is not actually like riding a bike! had blogger snafus last week when i started this. guess this falls in the better late than never category!

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