Friday, June 30, 2006

more vertical ines Posted by Picasa

more inspiration

these photos were taken in the backyard as well. vertical lines abound! the painted fence posts in the top left hand corner are pieces left over from a conceptual art project i did while still in school. the bottom left are stems of chinese paper plant....they're beautiful plants with huge
over-sized leaves, but they grown underground similar to bamboo and are almost impossible to tame. upper right is the view out of one row of studio windows, the other is a fence that is in need of repair..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

found drawings

one of the many sites that we viewed last week was this site on drawing. embedded in there are pages of *found drawings*: "which may be by-products of other processes, organic forms or discarded materials - images arising by accident rather than from any conscious process."
i immediately thought of the lines in the sand i had photographed on grand isle a couple of months ago. this afternoon i was in my backyard when i noticed these roots growing along the surface and snapped some photos...
here's one of them...

home again

from qsds. what a great week it was! i took michael james' 5 day master class....(aka "mj lite", as he also had a 7 day class). it was intense; it was challenging; it was jam packed with watching videos of artists (outside the quilt world) ; it was a continual learning experience broken up with bits of hilarity, fun, and the occasional glass of wine. we had a great group of hard working and talented artists, and enjoyed lots of dialog and critique. (and fun.)
i was so involved in what i was doing i took very few px. partly because i had such a pile of stuff on my tables that my camera was out of sight, out of mind most of the time. as it turned out, i could have left everything at home except for my rusted fabric. but you know how it is packing for something like that....the *what ifs* start creeping in and you end up throwing all sorts of things in at the last minute just in case....
so here is one of the pieces from the week that i'm working on.
will post more later

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

what's on the other side of the fence!.... Posted by Picasa

view from the side... Posted by Picasa

what color would you paint this house???? Posted by Picasa

2 in one day!

from none in a while to 2 at once....
this is one of the things i've been doing....
making screens and printing.. ,mostly over rust dyed fabrics...
it's been fun! what a shame to have to go to the day job.....this is definately one of those times when it would be nice to clone many things to do in so many different directions....
we're getting ready to have our old house painted and choosing colors is a trip! going to go look at houses in new orleans on the way to the ariport saturday and see if i can get some inspiration......
hm. maybe i'll find a house photo and post it here adn we can play color that house!

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nuther one Posted by Picasa

printed fabric Posted by Picasa

quickie before work

just downloaded some px and am sending this before i head out for the day. it is HOT HOT HOT down here.
i've been busy gettign ready for qsds....been printing fabric, burnign screens (not in that order) and trying to do that thing i'm really awful at, which is PLAN AHEAD!
have some fabric px i will post when i get home!

reflections and a little color Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 02, 2006

article's up

i was pleasantly surprised.... not a bad photo....;-)
check it out! heading off to work.....will catch up later.....