Wednesday, July 25, 2007

don't faint

i'm back.
let's see if i remember how to do this!

i've been doing a lot of practical things: paperwork a mile high; cleaning out 33 years of Stuff.

throwing away/giving away. shedding what i don't need for the next phase of my journey. i have to say it is very freeing. kind of a nice feeling to pare down. i've done the fabric half of my studio. haven't even begun to deal with the mixed media side. that will most likely be the last thing to go through.

so, just about the only *artwork* i have done has been painting and redoing rooms.

in the background, the seeds of the next phase of art are germinating.
i'm not sure what it will be, how it will evolve, but i do know that something is brewing.

just to add a little more challenge to the mix, i've been taking care of my mother (86 yr old) as well, who has fallen several times, breaking her elbow. thank god that's the worst that's happened. tests have been run; waiting for results. it looks like a move to assisted living will be coming soon.

and....i've started a new job that i am really excited about.

life seems to be coming together.

so that is the latest.

thanks to those of y'all who have inquired privately. it's nice to know i've been missed.