Thursday, March 31, 2005

rust piece Posted by Hello

still rusting

while working on my current rust piece (will post pictures tomorrow), i;ve got
this one in the wings waiting to be worked on. it's still *talking to me*. it's such an
expressive, almost lyrical piece.....we're getting closer!
meanwhile, there are more pieces outside rusting.
so many things to do,,,,,,, so little time!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

beach texture Posted by Hello

5 birds on the beach Posted by Hello

down in grande isle

i had to deliver some art work for the grande isle exhibit, so took the time to go play on the beach a bit. it was chilly adn windy and i had a blast photographing the birds adn the texture in the sand.. i will use the texture shots to make silk screens (assuming i stay home long enuf!)
just filling the well with images ......... time to stay in the studio and make art now!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

walter anderson pelicans Posted by Hello

visit to the ogden

yesterday i finally had the chance to get to the ogden musuem in new orleans to see the walter anderson exhibit. and was totally blown away.

this quote is from the ogden website:

In a review of the Smithsonian Institution's exhibition, Washington Post critic Paul Richard
stated....... "Vincent Van Gogh is the most
famous painter in America, and here's this Mississippian whose light-struck pictures throb, as
do the disturbed Dutchman's, with furious, methodical ecstasy, and are as American as can be."
he was an unbelievably prolific artist who worked in just about any and all media, but is most well know i think for his watercolors (most on typing paper) and drawings.
his ability to distill images into repetitive patterns leaves me drooling........
you can view more of his work at this website
and later this year there will be a pbs special on him......
defintaly something to watch out for.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

dead cypress trees  Posted by Hello
my husband and i took a drive yesterday *down the bayou* heading toward the gulf. it's startling how much the landscape has changed. coastal erosion are words we hear so much down here we can grow numb to it. seeing it in real life is shockign and saddening. areas of the landscape that were once lush with groves of old cypress trees are now eerily quiet, and haunting. all that is left are blackened broken trunks. Posted by Hello