Wednesday, April 11, 2007

back at it

Have had *life interruptions* since returning from Florida. Let's just say Major Life Changes are underway. They have definitely been an interruption in the art process, but I'm determined to stay at least one course.
I have managed to finish a sculpture piece i started quite a while back. I did the armature and created the basic piece i wanted to weave thru it last year sometime but it didn't feel finished to me. The fiber is silk paper which i heavily stitched. It still needed more, so i put it on the back burner till it spoke to me. Which it did, loud and clear, when i got back home. I've added a lot of beading to it, and may add more. Not only have i thoroughly enjoyed working on it, but i really like the way it's turned out and i realize i need to do more in this series.

I just love the organic flow of this piece.
And since blogger is co-operating right now, I will quickly hit publish before it changes it's mind