Thursday, December 28, 2006

finally got to the other side

of christmas! whew!

actually i got caught up in house stuff before the holidays...painting doors and windows i had never done; installing molding and anaglypta wallpaper on the ceiling in our living room and getting that painted, etc... then there was the blitz shopping trips! which of course took longer than anticipated. for someone who really doesn't like to shop that much, i couldn't believe i was at the mall 3 days before xmas! me and everyone else within a 50 mile radius i think!

anyway, that's done thank god!

we had a wonderful christmas. had our annual christmas party with old friends here this year, then had a (relatively) quiet and relaxed xmas eve and day. i'm embarrassed to admit that my daughter and i got totally hooked on playing the desperate housewives game on her laptop. pathetic isn't it? hey it was a cold, gray, wintry day and we were killing time till the football games started....and the next thing we knew, the games were over and we were still at it... i am pleased to announce that we haven't touched it since!

and i finally got back to working in the studio! i stitched and did a little beading last night on a piece i had put together before the holidays....

i haven't gotten around to writing goals for next year yet, but i am thinking about them.... making more work is definitely going at the top of the list ....

so ... back to it..

hope y'all all had a great holiday season.