Thursday, May 25, 2006

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I've finished an on-line interview with Karen Musgrave for the quilter's SOS project... I had a really good time doing it adn Karen was wonderful! I was just sorry i didn't get to meet her face to face. and it must be interview week... as i did an interview with our local paper this evening. to be published next thursday...on the exhibit i have ongoing at our local library. it's a beautiful bldg and i love having my work there.
other than that, just trying to get a little work done adn get ready for qsds which will be here b4 i know it! i;ve been playing aroudn with some images>

Monday, May 22, 2006

yesterdays artwork

i finished my table! probably should have done it last weekend when it wasn't 1000% humidity out, but it's done and ready to roll! we've had these tables (there's another one) for @ 20 years so i twas time for a facelift...this one will most likely end up on our patio. i will probably do the other one and put it on the front porch...the cuttign adn placement is fun. the grouting...not so fun! next time....i will have @ 4-5 sponges to work with as opposed to 1.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

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time to breathe

i have to say its heavenly to onlywork 4 days a week. it's been a long time since i felt like i had time to breathe. We're also enjoying s little stretch of gorgeous not too hot not too humid weather so that helps immensely as well. I've been immersed in art paperwork off adn on over the last few weeks. I'm re-entering my work into Artworks. I had bought it a while back and then lost it when my computer crashed and finally have gotten it re-installed...THIS time I'm BACKING UP as i go! If you aren't familiar with it, check it out, it's a great program for keeping track of work. I used to keep binders with all the info on each quilt, and slides etc. but with no ability to have slides processed locally anymore i;ve all but quit doing them adn haven't kept up with the paperwork either. its not the most fun thing to do but necesssary adn will be well worth it in the end. it IS fun to be able to categorzie the work and pull up all of the fence pieces for example....
My catch up was hampered when i broke my glasses the other day!. Big OOPS! I was working in the yard, and they were covered in water drops that weren't evaporating (one of the usual high humidity days) so took them off adn set them on the walkway where i was standing for supposedly just a second... and of course, forgot, adn ran over them when i slid the trash can over..... i didnt know whehter to laugh or cry! they were a total wreck! l knew my dh was out runnign errands so i called him adn asked him to pick up some readers for me so i could make it through the weekend, and he just happened to be right in front on my eye doc's office and stopped in right as they were closing. they sent me a pair of readers.....(while laughing!!) that worked great. (for reading. nothign else) i went in this morning to see if there was any way they coudl be repaired and in 5 minutes they were back to normal (well almost .... i do have a crack on the lower edge of one side). now THAT was talent. i could not believe she could take that
little twisted pile of mess and make them back into usable glasses. it definatly paid to get the
*made for people who are rough on their stuff* frames.
so. not much art beign made. but i have played just a little bit with my new camera.....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

a branch from the tree

family tree that is...

just got some images from my niece....who's 1 Very Talented kid! (hmmm. must've gotten it from her aunt..;-)... this is a drawing from a photograph she took of herself ...with one of my quilts in the's found a wonderful home with her and i think it's never looked so good!