Friday, September 29, 2006

and these 5 postcards

are for sale ... $ 50 each... contact me if you're interested
i am loving this series.

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these 5 postcards are among those winging their way to Virginia Spiegel right now for sale at Houston's FFAC booth. Once again, Virginia and her crew, including the indomitable Karey Bresenham and her staff at IQA, have done a wonderful job of raising money for the American Cancer Society, and letting us all enjoy the process.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

dyptich? tryptich? is there a RIGHT decision?

well, just shoot me now...of course i sent in the dyptich.... (before i saw all the
tryptich comments....) and i'll tell you why... i went to school to use the slide
projector there to view them...and also had the benefit of my sculpture teacher
and his beginning class who all looked in on them...that crowd was @ 50/50..
and i have to say that the tryptich looked better on the screen than i thought it
would....but the dyptich just popped.. you could see so much more detail and
really get a sense of what it contained.
and my thinking was that no matter how much i liked the tryptich, if the slide
didn't catch their attention it was irrelevant... for me, there was a wow factor
when the dyptich came could READ the headlines and it just made an

was it the *right* choice? maybe not... but in the end i went with my gut.
we'll see.

sometimes i am way too close to the work when i'm done with it to have a good
perspective on it...esp pieces as emotional as these are...

so i'm i alone in that? do any of y'all experience that after the fact?
is it just inherent in the artistic process? or does it happen when you're so heavily
invested in the work??

interesting thoughts to ponder...

i can tell you that after all that i am having fun cutting up some of the printed rust pieces
and using them in small pieces with COLOR! after all this rust i am craving a little more color...

which brings me to the other design decision looming overhead.... picking the
House Paint Color.... i currently have 3 different reds on the wall outside...
then i start thinking of all the other wonderful colors out there that would look good too!
clearly i need to do less thinking here......

back to working on these small pieces addn postcards...will post photos when i'm *done*

Friday, September 15, 2006

another detail

another detail with a little better view of the stitching. look above and below the green text. i didn't want the stitching to stand out so i pretty much ran it close to the edges of textand images. i also didn't want them to have a typical quilted look so i used fleece instead of batting. as a result, they're fairly flat. i've got slides of a tryptich, and a dyptich....trying to decide which version i like better for a quilt national entry...opinions anyone?


or this

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

a detail shot Posted by Picasa

and done again!

have been furiously stitching... and finished another scroll....
after having made 59 screens following the anniversary blitz of articles and headlines.....
they didn't all make it into this scroll...
and now i am CRAVING some color...and totally meaningless abstract work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


finished up this evening. i ended up lacing the sections together..after first stitching them together and realizing i didn't like that look. ripped them apart and spent the afternoon hand stithcing them instead. now to finish the scroll, and make more screens for the next one!