Sunday, March 26, 2006

misc stuff

here a couple of details from my latest piece.
i'm actually currently hand quilting it...something i haven't done in a long time....but it is just begging to be done.... i took these b4 i started quilting it....

have spent the better part of the weekend doing spring cleaning of all things! getting rid of some of the piles of stuff that have taken up residence in the we have an unsightly pile on the street waiting to be picked up tomorrow .

and in a totally un-related but way more quilt oriented side note..... check out these wonderful images from joanie san chirico's mini- exhibit that were taken in dallas last weekend.. go to the installation's wonderful to see them really get a better perspective on size etc... there's some really great work in there...lots that have sold already... if you've got your eye on something grab it now while you can!

have a good week and hope spring comes soon wherever you are!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

journal quilts

karey and pokey are teaming up to produce
a book of journal quilts.... how karey narrowed
down the hundreds adn hundreds of pieces
that have been exhibited in houston over the
last several years is beyond me! i;ve seen most
of them at houston and have always thought it
was one of the best exhibits there ....
i'm thrilled that my january "03 piece will be
included. it is one of my favorites!
i started with a section of my hand dyed fabric
that i really liked, and began layering...first i
couched vertical lines of various yarns, then
trapped bits and pieces of silk fibers, etc., under
tulle (doing several layers of this)....then, to
unify the piece, i covered it entirely in tulle and
closely stitched a loose grid over the entire thing.
except for that small image at the top, which
from day one looked like a person diving into the unknown....... a perfect metaphor!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

some new collages

i sent these off to dale copeland for her baker's dozen exhibit. this year;s version will be up in a couple of weeks. As you can see, there's some wonderful work up there from last year (and years past.....) i'm looking forward to this year's exhibit.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

another acceptance

another sculpture...! maybe i should quit quilting!
this one has been juried into the 4th annual grand isle
art exhibit....(i won best of show there last year!)
it's a great exhibit with top notch work so i'm very
thrilled to have work in it again.

this is a piece i started a couple of years ago when i was home recovering from the flu and felt too bad to get out of bad but was BORED~ i wove yarn around a copper frame adn set about embellishing....

it's called paupiere, which is a kind of net that shrimpers use down here....

the center section is suspended on fishing lures so it swivels all the way round....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


this is the piece that's in the mini show. it's created from fabric i painted, overlaid with organza ..... printed with images of the swamps, and other vertical images.....
over that i glued and stitched pieces of imprintable foam ...which have patterns
pressed into them (using various objects from wooden printing blocks to computer
boards) then painted ... i love the depth in this piece

Monday, March 06, 2006

new hurricane piece

i'm having trouble with my new dsl connection so we'll see if this posts....

it did! this is the piece i posted details of a few days ago. more hurricane aftermath headlines on this one.... some of the headlines have been so priceless it almost feels like cheating!...

the library hosted chris rose yesterday for a slide show, talk and book signing. he's a columnist for the times picayunne in new orleans...and is, as he put it, the voice for post traumatic stress syndrome in south east la.

there was a great turn-out adn i was glad to have my work up .... i have more pieces in progress..... just need the time to get them done....

i also have a piece in joanie san chirico's mini invitational. she's done a beautiful website as usual..and there are some wonderful pieces included. please have a look! she's got 2 exhibits going at once and there are some great pieces in the other one as well.... the majority of the pieces in both exhibits are for sale and as they usually go quickly, have a look. since the mini invitational opens at the dallas quilt festival in a couple of weeks, they get first crack at them there, but they will available for purchase from teh website after that...adn if you're interested in any , you can email joanie and put a piece on hold.

i wish i was as organized as she is!!! she's done a great job on these 2 exhibits! thanks joanie!

off to work.....


the right case at the library Posted by Picasa

exhibit up!

i installed some of my work at the main branch of our library whcih is a beautifully designed huge new building... i'll have to get some photos of it to add... on teh 2nd floor, they have 2 big locked glass cases that they use for various exhibits.

we unlocked adn opened the doors to take these px. it kidn of looks like a dollhouse in the photo!

tbut in actuality the case is abtou 7-8 feet tall....lets just say i had to get on a stepstool to hang the quilts in the top section.