Thursday, July 21, 2005

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

more postcards

got em done last night.
just had a chance to scan.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005


i made 4 postcards today to send to virginia spiegel's american cancer society;s fundraiser:
my dad died of pancratic cancer 5 years ago adn the acs is near and dear to my heart.
please have a look and consider purcahsing them. all of the proceeds go to acs....
i had a blast making them! and hope to make more during the week..........

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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in progress

thought i'd post a few pieces in progress,, i have been workgin a little bit,
i haven;t had big chunks of time to work but have been doing bits and pieces almost every day. not enough of course! it's never enough! i;m real grateful that we dodged another hurricane. who;d have thought we'd have so many so early.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

some late night how to's

liz had asked about the processes on these pieces..particularly the
circles,,they were done in several ways. on the blue piece, the
smaller *nesty* looking ones were done with a thermofax screen that
i drew. while i do make screens from altered photos and text,the
majority of them start with my doodles in tech pen on bristol board.
its such a smooth surface thats its really satisfying to just let
the ink flow....i go on *binges* where i do whole books of doodles &
sketches. (usually on gray rainy days when i;m low on mental energy
and just need some mindless activity). most will end up as screens. some, i
think i may frame eventually.. soem will never see the light of day. ;-)

i also had a largish thick felt circle shape that i used as a stamp...
mostly with white paint on the white canvas (where it acts as a resist)
i;ve drawn some on the canvas with oil pastels. the shiva paintsticks would also
be great for that, but unless i can do them outside and let them
air out for a couple of weeks out there i can;t use them. i;ve developed an
allergic reaction to oil paints and the result is eye infections. not
a risk worth tkaing.
and lastly,some were done by just simply sqirting paint right out
of the bottle using a small tip and moving very fast.........

i';ve been up hre putting soem paint on canvas and on paper that i will layer
tomorrow., it can dry overnight whiel i sleep....
more tomorrow!