Sunday, July 03, 2005

some late night how to's

liz had asked about the processes on these pieces..particularly the
circles,,they were done in several ways. on the blue piece, the
smaller *nesty* looking ones were done with a thermofax screen that
i drew. while i do make screens from altered photos and text,the
majority of them start with my doodles in tech pen on bristol board.
its such a smooth surface thats its really satisfying to just let
the ink flow....i go on *binges* where i do whole books of doodles &
sketches. (usually on gray rainy days when i;m low on mental energy
and just need some mindless activity). most will end up as screens. some, i
think i may frame eventually.. soem will never see the light of day. ;-)

i also had a largish thick felt circle shape that i used as a stamp...
mostly with white paint on the white canvas (where it acts as a resist)
i;ve drawn some on the canvas with oil pastels. the shiva paintsticks would also
be great for that, but unless i can do them outside and let them
air out for a couple of weeks out there i can;t use them. i;ve developed an
allergic reaction to oil paints and the result is eye infections. not
a risk worth tkaing.
and lastly,some were done by just simply sqirting paint right out
of the bottle using a small tip and moving very fast.........

i';ve been up hre putting soem paint on canvas and on paper that i will layer
tomorrow., it can dry overnight whiel i sleep....
more tomorrow!


Blogger dijanne cevaal said...

HI Claire
Looks like you had a wonderful time at QSDS- as a scribbler and doodler from way back and a gocco ( similar to Thermofax- uses the same screen mesh) user- maybe we could do something with this??? Notes from the past????

6:26 PM  
Blogger lizzieb said...

Thank you Claire, for the lessons. I love my thermofax and have a bunch of screens but I can tell I have been neglecting it too much...back to the bristol board!

11:45 PM  

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