Saturday, June 25, 2005

another sacred saturday!

thanks for the comments y'all! one of the bets things abtou qsds for me was the TIME
to work! since i;ve started a very full time job, time has been hard to come by..and its been in little bits here and there. wednesdays at qsds are bus trip days.....i stayed behind and worked in the studio all afternoon and it was a delicious chunk of uninterupted time..... a luxury for me lately. what it has done is inspired me to find ways to carve chunks ot time out of my life right now and just do it. as a matter of fact, i;m taking a bit of a break right now while waiting for a little paint to dry, and then i'm back to it....
i have lots of new pieces in various stages of completion (pre-qsds, qsds, and post qsds) and i';m hoping to finish as many as i can this weekend.....
the classes and the camraderie are wonderful, but for me its the
re-energization (is that a word???) that is the most valuable thing.
back to it!
more photos to come.


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