Monday, May 30, 2005


if you're going to work on the floor, don't leave your
little glass vials down there. ask me how i know....
another tip: i buy cheap rugs at lowes (or wherever) and just
replace them when they get too filled with paint,,,,
or blood...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

red fence Posted by Hello

fall 3 Posted by Hello

2 more

did a little more work today! here's the results. i also had to break
down and pick up the enormous pile on the floor... when i couldnt find a ruler
i figured it was time! one day off left adn still haven't done any cleaning.
it feels so good to be working again i can't bear the thought of stopping long enuf to do it. i guess i'll have to crank up the music tomorow and do a blitz thru here.
hope y;all are all enjoying the memorial day weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

caution: work zone! Posted by Hello

work in progress

my work surface is the floor! it's so easy to try different varitaions
and you don't have to worry abtou things falling off (the disadvantage
of working at a table!!) i will absolutly have to do more printing this

Monday, May 23, 2005

newest piece Posted by Hello

time flies

doesn't seem like that long since i posted....long days at work and not enuf time left over to make art. i spent much of the day saturday making thermofax screens and sunday i printed. this is the first piece i've started with the new images, and i have to say i am pretty satisfied with it....... and looking forward to seeing what comes next.
i like the effect of printing on organza. i;m starting to think and work in layers..
i DO need to refresh the canvas on my print table. the surface is so overpainted its gettign 3 dimensional! and a good clean up is in order too. just don't ask me when!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

art evening

had a great time tonight back at nicholls for my friend and classmate scott hebert's
senior exhibit. i knew it would be great but it went way beyond that...scott;s a very talented artist adn i hope to see more of his work out there in the real addition to his exquisite sculpture (from bronze to stainless steel to bondo) he had done the most awesome drawings adn paintings. most striking were his very large scale portraits.(8-10 feet tall??? ) 2 were done on cement backer board ...using cement stain as a first layer and paints applied over. they were incredible. i hadnt seen that done before, and i just love the textural quality of using the stains over that surface...i may have to get some of that and try it out.(in my spare time!!) the possibilites for creating surface design is just too tempting....
and of course it was GREAT seeing my *old* art friends, and catching up on the latest news and happenings. after a long work week it was very energizing and inspiring. i do miss the daily studio time there. with a good group of people each day was a new adventure.. new tehcniques, ideas, exposure to artists i might never have heard of. what a great way to start the weekend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

hot off the presses

the article came out today:

there are a few things out of context but all in all it came out ok.
looking forward to the weekend to make art!

photograph from newspaper article Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

surface design

i spent all morning *installing* pieces in what was once upon a time a dining room in this old house, then an office for my husband....i painted it a coupla months ago but hadn't put anything on the walls or even moved furniture back in. the spur to do it today was a scheduled appt. with a photographer from our local newspaper.... they're doing an article on my win in the grand isle show.
so , of course, as things happen, we ended up in my messy messy studio instead. he shot photos while i simulated working on a sculpture. the table is piled high with paints, and STUFF. if you could even see the surface you;d find a record of my paint/ screening work in the last year or so. one of these days it will be time to cover that canvas with a new piece. but for now, its; kinds of nice seeing the layers of projects past.
since sacred staurday was interrupted, i guess i;ll have to have a bit of a sacred sunday tomorrow......

surface design/assemblage/collage/etc table Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

palm fronds - screen ready Posted by Hello

almost friday

and time to get back to art work. i've been beading a little bit the last 2 evenings but am craving really getting into some good work this weekend...
here's a manipulated photo that we took sunday after the cfal meeting. we stopped to have dinner and were seated outside with a palm unfurling leaf after leaf right in front of us. it was windy and hard to capture but i like the way thisi one came out. will burn a thermofax and do some printing this weekend .......