Saturday, May 14, 2005

art evening

had a great time tonight back at nicholls for my friend and classmate scott hebert's
senior exhibit. i knew it would be great but it went way beyond that...scott;s a very talented artist adn i hope to see more of his work out there in the real addition to his exquisite sculpture (from bronze to stainless steel to bondo) he had done the most awesome drawings adn paintings. most striking were his very large scale portraits.(8-10 feet tall??? ) 2 were done on cement backer board ...using cement stain as a first layer and paints applied over. they were incredible. i hadnt seen that done before, and i just love the textural quality of using the stains over that surface...i may have to get some of that and try it out.(in my spare time!!) the possibilites for creating surface design is just too tempting....
and of course it was GREAT seeing my *old* art friends, and catching up on the latest news and happenings. after a long work week it was very energizing and inspiring. i do miss the daily studio time there. with a good group of people each day was a new adventure.. new tehcniques, ideas, exposure to artists i might never have heard of. what a great way to start the weekend.


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