Saturday, April 30, 2005

a little fabric... a little life....

it's late and i'm behind on getting stuff together for my trip to baton rouge tomorrow. i;m doing a thermofax demo for cfal (contemporary fiber artists of louisiana)and today has flown by.....i'll get it together in the morning. the photo is a piece of organza i screened last fall using thermofaxz screens of doodles (and moss). the doodles are drawn on bristol board with a tech pen.

woke up this mornign to gray stormy skies and promptly decided to catch up on some zzz's adn went right back to sleep. i've been keeping long hours all week and it felt really good to sleep in.

and tonight is my *baby's* senior prom.. before i knew it, we were pulling together the last minute details....including bending earring posts to convert pierced to clip-ons...(yikes! you;d think someone who's spent the past year or 2 working with wire adn pliers coulda done That with a little more grace and ease!) ..she was...and is.....gorgeous! just got back from the senior walk/slide show/and *awards* where she was voted most spirited adn class clown! no surprises there.;-) i don;t know how we got to the this night already.....seems like it was just yesterday she was a little rug rat bouncing around...

time flies.


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