Friday, April 22, 2005

quilting again

after a long but more settled week at my new job, its time for sacred saturday!!
coined by my friend and fellow artist, julie john upshaw, it's an UNinterupted art day. (well ...almost have to bring my mother in for tests early in the morning)
i'm looking forward to getting back to this piece i started putting together a month or 2 ago - created from bits and pieces of my ever growing stash of rust fabrics.
i've layered this piece with hand dyed silk organza, and another rusted piece in some areas, adn black in others. slits cut 2 or 3 layers down in various areas create more texture and depth. i;m in the process of adding beads, and will stitch some copper threads on tomorrow.

it's time to get soem new rusted fabric going again as well. i'm feelign like i need to branch out into other shapes and forms....shouldnt be too diffcult to find a little more rust around here.
someone had asked recently how i do my fabric: the *trick* is to soak the fabric in @ 50/50 vinegar/water before placing the rusted items on top, or wrapping them inside a bundle. i find it works well if i can keep it damp for a couple of days as well.. tho some of my best pieces have been those that dry out in between spritzing... it forms a sort of tide line of pattern....

and then i;ve also been known to wrap my rusty clothesline pole with fabric (secured with wire that rusts in place). now if only i can be patient enuf to leave it on till it's DONE!

hope you all enjoy soem quality art time as well.


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