Saturday, April 02, 2005

in computer limbo

after installing XP over ME last week. part of it went well.
then there are other parts that are still there somewhere but not
communicating with the rest, including my scanner.
so i;ve bought an external hard drive, saved everything i need
to ( i hope) and tomorrow i will take a deep breath and reformat
and hope like crazy that works!
we're having some totally wonderful spring days! sunny, cool, breey,
lo humidity. did soem work outside. including doign a little cleaning
out of the garage.... (till we ran out of room in the trash cans!!)
i embossed a couple of pages of soft sculpt during the week and
have spent the rest of today painting them, after cuttign them into
various shapes. ok . so theyre not *various* ; they're all fence posts.
no surprise there! i realy like the way they;ve turned out and will
post some px as soon as all the computer parts are on the same
page adn talkgin to each other again.
in the meantime i;ll find another photo to post........
(the photos are still workign right knock wood!!)


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