Monday, April 18, 2005

art day on the bayou

i had a wonderful day yesterday! (could it just have been yesterday? it already feels like forever ago!) i started out early enough to head to the chauvin sculpture garden for the first folk art festival. tho i brought my camera, i was so busy visiting i forgot to take pictures! but you can find photos online at the nicholls site:
it's so densely packed it's really difficult to capture in photos . ... i think it's one of the best little *secrets* we have around here... well worth the drive down . it was great to visit a little bit with my art school family and catch up with the latest news before heading further down the bayou. i wish i could have stayed for the blessing of the fleet but had to scoot on down before it started.

it was a gorgeous spring day and we enjoyed the drive as we headed all the way down the bayou, where the road becomes just a thin ribbon of land surrounded by water. driving past the stark remains of once beautiful cypress trees, onto grand isle for the closing reception of the *unnecessary losses* exhibit was a good reminder of what the work was all about - the rapid loss of our wetlands.... i was Really impressed with the work on display, which made winning best of show even more awesome. one of the highlights was a section of ceramics done by grade school kids from the island..... they are certainly doing wonderful work down there!
and it was great to meet some of the other artists. once again, i completely forgot to take photos. oops!
for an online review of the show click here:
all in all a great way to spend the day.....
and next time, i promise to USE my camera!


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