Saturday, April 23, 2005

sacred saturday

have been stitching all day! and loving it. i;ve couched yarnd into some of the stitching lines that were already there. i pretty much always reach the point after i've done a little bit of embellishing that i think i;ve *ruined* it and should back off....usually i keep going and thats when it really seems to click. today's one of those days so far. i think its added a good dimension, tho i may go in adn trim some of it a bit. it needs more beading as well. i;ve also been experimenting with stitchign in the triangular areas in the corners: tried a rust colored thread, then a black/silver/copper metallic one. haven't decided which i like best. i want to minimize the visual effect of those areas.
since i;ve been too busy all week to actually go pick out new glasses (i;ve had the eye exam...)they;re abtou worn out! time to close them for a few b4 i get back to it.
it does feel good to be stitching again.
tho i have to admit, it was a hard decision this morning! it's a gorgeous day here. lo humidity adn cool breezes.... great welding weather many things to do , so little time.......


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