Saturday, May 07, 2005

surface design

i spent all morning *installing* pieces in what was once upon a time a dining room in this old house, then an office for my husband....i painted it a coupla months ago but hadn't put anything on the walls or even moved furniture back in. the spur to do it today was a scheduled appt. with a photographer from our local newspaper.... they're doing an article on my win in the grand isle show.
so , of course, as things happen, we ended up in my messy messy studio instead. he shot photos while i simulated working on a sculpture. the table is piled high with paints, and STUFF. if you could even see the surface you;d find a record of my paint/ screening work in the last year or so. one of these days it will be time to cover that canvas with a new piece. but for now, its; kinds of nice seeing the layers of projects past.
since sacred staurday was interrupted, i guess i;ll have to have a bit of a sacred sunday tomorrow......


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