Thursday, October 26, 2006

speaking of losing things

i spent much of last week tearing my studio and house apart looking for a small quilt that i had set aside to mail to it's new owner. while i wasn't looking it vaporized into thin air. i am VERY thankful that it's new owner took the news very gracefully and i am in the process of creating a "replacement". searching for that piece made me think of ALL the various things i have lost over the years.... and a quilt i made on that topic a few years ago..aptly titled "where does it all go?" . i made it in 2001 (and i still know where it is ) the first semester i was back in school for the "forks. knives, and spoons" themed show. i have added a few priceless mementos to it over the years...


above is a lost ...and subsequently found (MONTHS later) prescription for approriate? after all, if i could keep track of the prescription i wouldn't need it....;-) after that i started having them sent directly to my drugstore...

Monday, October 23, 2006

and finally a little shopping.

after the museum, we went to the mall to restoration hardware as i was looking for house numbers,which i found, and i also wanted to look at doorknobs. completly forgot about those ..
oops! we got sidetracked by mignon faget, not a bad way to go! i did get a fleur de lis....
and am coveting the bracelet from her new ironworks line. and/ or the red bean bracelet.

i will get back to quilts soon!
it's just been fun to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather...
house is getting close to done! the door will be purple soon.

front door is coat on, another one to follow.

just wish i could attach the scent of the sweet olive trees. they're intoxicating!

next time: fiber art

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my HUSBAND actually wanted to go the new orleans art museum yesterday! so, in spite of an icky sore throat, off we went. i wasn't about to blow that opportunity. we missed the katrina photo exhibits, but there is an online slide show, and i bought the book. there are some awesome photos in it; very moving and emotional.
we did see the newest exhibit: CARNAVAL! with exhibits, photos, and videos of how mardi gras is celebrated around the world. i was very grateful that i don't live in spain, where in one town, in addition to the usual pranks and festivities, they dig up ant piles and throw them on people....OUCH> that does NOT sounds like my idea of fun. i loved the masks from venice, esp. this one:

which is a replica of a mask worn by a doctor during the plaque: the long beak was filled with herbs and perfumes which supposedly kept the germs at bay. while i doubt that was effective, i'm guessing the extra distance it put between him and the patients certainly didn't hurt.

we strolled thru the sculpture park afterwards. only 1 or 2 sculptures were damaged in the storms/floods....the landscape took a helluva hit. leaving a new form of sculpture in it's wake:

even the surviving trees looked a bit down at the mouth:

on the other hand, there was some new more lighthearted work: tho even blue dog looks like he's suffering with ptsd.

and finally, there's my daughter, the ham, in "life imitates art":

well never mind! i've tried to upload that photo 6 times and nothing's doing.


i haven't started any new (fiber) work, but i Have played with color! obviously i was more color-starved than i thought! i also seem to be in a nesting mode: empty nester re-feathering the nest. so along those lines, out came the paint charts, and instead of agonizing, i picked colors in @ 5 minutes, and off i went. the ceiling and walls in the garage and laundry room in this old house are darkly stained and highly varnished wood. so the laundry room, which is a really nice space, has gone from looking similar to this:

to this wonderful space!!

SO much better! it's actually fun to wash clothes now...and i love my lime green ceiling. since it's relativly low, you just see a slice of it....

more later! don't want to tempt blogger fate.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

starting a new one

when i started this blog it was my intention to actually post images from my sketchbooks..
to give a glimpse into my process, etc. i was so swamped with working the day job, then katrina hit,
and rita hit, and life continued to go in other directions. and much to my dismay, i fell out of the sketchbook habit...
but am determined to get back at it.. so this morning i collaged the cover of my newest book, adn am
ready to roll. i actually like this cover design enough that i think it needs to be done in fabric...
stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


after seriously considering every color in the rainbow (except orange maybe..) the colors are up. the painters were scheduled to be here first thing this morning, and i finally chose colors @ 7 pm last's that for last minute??
we now have: silent path, twilight, and abundant wine.. i even like the names! i've been teasing my dh when he went out of town telling him i was going to paint it green and purple while he wasn't looking...(he did not want green) i guess i wasn't kidding!

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