Monday, October 23, 2006


my HUSBAND actually wanted to go the new orleans art museum yesterday! so, in spite of an icky sore throat, off we went. i wasn't about to blow that opportunity. we missed the katrina photo exhibits, but there is an online slide show, and i bought the book. there are some awesome photos in it; very moving and emotional.
we did see the newest exhibit: CARNAVAL! with exhibits, photos, and videos of how mardi gras is celebrated around the world. i was very grateful that i don't live in spain, where in one town, in addition to the usual pranks and festivities, they dig up ant piles and throw them on people....OUCH> that does NOT sounds like my idea of fun. i loved the masks from venice, esp. this one:

which is a replica of a mask worn by a doctor during the plaque: the long beak was filled with herbs and perfumes which supposedly kept the germs at bay. while i doubt that was effective, i'm guessing the extra distance it put between him and the patients certainly didn't hurt.

we strolled thru the sculpture park afterwards. only 1 or 2 sculptures were damaged in the storms/floods....the landscape took a helluva hit. leaving a new form of sculpture in it's wake:

even the surviving trees looked a bit down at the mouth:

on the other hand, there was some new more lighthearted work: tho even blue dog looks like he's suffering with ptsd.

and finally, there's my daughter, the ham, in "life imitates art":

well never mind! i've tried to upload that photo 6 times and nothing's doing.


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