Monday, October 23, 2006

and finally a little shopping.

after the museum, we went to the mall to restoration hardware as i was looking for house numbers,which i found, and i also wanted to look at doorknobs. completly forgot about those ..
oops! we got sidetracked by mignon faget, not a bad way to go! i did get a fleur de lis....
and am coveting the bracelet from her new ironworks line. and/ or the red bean bracelet.

i will get back to quilts soon!
it's just been fun to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather...
house is getting close to done! the door will be purple soon.

front door is coat on, another one to follow.

just wish i could attach the scent of the sweet olive trees. they're intoxicating!

next time: fiber art


Blogger Rayna said...

Ready for the cover of House Beautiful, isn't it? Looks great, Claive.

I am finally home for a week or two and, feet up, able to catch up on my blog-reading. I feel as though I have been on another planet.

8:33 PM  

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