Thursday, September 29, 2005

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new work

i;ve been workgn off and on in the last week or so since rita came and went. much more i wnat to do but this is the start.
will post more abtou the pieces tomorrow. am heading to bed soon..

Sunday, September 25, 2005

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from katrina to rita

ok. enuf already! one was too much.....2 is beyond too much.
southeast la continues to get more and more surreal. this one pretty much got
the whole state. will someone please hoist a white flag! we surrender!

lots of rain and wind this way the other night. none of which did any real damage here...
just created more tree mess. but the storm surge has flooded everythign south of us
here. saw more images today of what the area between the intracoastal and teh gulf
looks like and its pretty much all underwater. lots of houses down there are built up
anyway..even many of those on pilings had water in them,

the helicopters are back . in fact it got very noisy today and i realized that there were
chinooks landing and takgin off at teh civic center which is just across teh bayou from here.
got a shot on teh ground adn one in the air as it flew between the trees at the end of
the street here,

i;ve been makgin thermofax screens for the last 2 days and workgin on pieces.......
still in progress but will try to post px tomorrow.
hopefully this will be the last storm aroudn here for a long time....(yeah right!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i haven't posted much since the's hard to know what to say.. life has changed drastically in south louisiana....some changes will be permanent...some temporary.... too early to make the call on much of it right now. as you all know. there's been a major population shift....
again, no idea how much of it will be permanent. doing business these days is different than it was. eg: the local michaels just re-opened at the end of last week things are still scarce in the grocery stores, tho its getting better slowly. my daugther is back at school. finding people you know and/or do business with is a crap shoot. heck, it's still a crap shoot just makign some phone calls still....2 weeks _ after .
i;ve been glued to the tv coverage as i'm sure much of the country is.... tho it was nice to be able to go back to work and have some normalcy...and be away from the news for a while.
i made these 2 pieces the first weekend after the storm hit. my take on it is we;ve been assaulted by all of the elements....we certainly had the wind and water.....followed by a week of fires....and of course both cause and effec - our land has been steadily eroding for quite some time. the wind adn earth pieces are in the works....
off to bed now.
hope thigns are ok in your little corners of the world

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