Tuesday, February 12, 2008


while this isn't fiber art related it is absolutly inspirational. one of the daughters of some of my closest friends and her fiancee are on a 6 month trip of a lifetime. they have a wonderful website that her brother built for her and have been posting the most delightful descriptions of their adventure and photos that are drop dead gorgeous. they started out in africa, and are in egypt now. the photos are priceless. i sit here every few days and just drool. if this keeps up i will need a new keyboard soon!

check them out here. i've taken the liberty of grabbing one of today's shots.. which makes me laugh everytime i look at it!

i went to see the bucket list over the weekend and of course loved it. just watching jack nicholson alone is entertaining as all get out and of course you can't watch it and not think about making your own bucket list. so far i've got a list of museums i want to see that's embarassingly long! lots of travel: greece, egypt, rome, turkey, to name a few... and an assortment of other random things...

and right now i'm checking out this site *43 things* to eavesdrop on others' lists.

so what's on your list??


Saturday, February 09, 2008

finding fun in the weirdest places

went on a *field trip* at work yesterday. the mission was to go check out a couple of warehouses that someone has in a little town near here. the deal is we clean them out, sell the stuff, and keep the profits... and i have to admit, it was just the tiniest smidge hard to stay focused on the actual task at hand when confronted with all of the fun stuff in there. yes, there was rusty stuff everywhere. =) i got sidetracked left and right when coming upon nice little piles of things that just screamed ART MATERIALS!!! hell... we could certainly make some $ from selling this stuff... unfortunately, i think much of it could well come from me!!

as we all know, just about anything in multiples = art supplies....

well i came across a box of these....

if i am remembering right, these are some sort of brick ties... (ok so i'm a little vague on that....) i grabbed a handful and brought them home.. and have been generating all kinds of ideas of what to do with them... in the meantime, i thought i'd play with the image a bit in photoshop and print out the results to make a screen with... so here is the image after fiddling with it..

at the same time, i had rusted a blank silk tie that i had come across before leaving for cleveland. loved the way it came out. but ms can't leave well enough alone just had to tweak it a little bit.... and a little bit more... so i printed over it...

and ick... i think i ruined it...
well....maybe it's not as awful as i
thought it was. since it's too late to turn back now, i figure i just as soon keep going with it and layer a little more printing over it. no, i haven't done it yet.. but i'm thinking what better thing to print on a tie than a tie???
stay tuned...
no telling what it will look like tomorrow.. if nothing else i will have another good example of what NOT to do!

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