Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 random facts....

linda minton had tagged me....
so here goes...

  1. claire is my middle name... causes more trouble than you'd think since legal stuff is all under my first name. (nope. not telling)

  2. cooking is not in my vocabulary. the list of things i have burnt grows daily; ditto the stiff that just plain old doesn't taste good. i CAN make a damned good salad, tho.

  3. once upon a time i grew 77 rose bushes (before kids...)

  4. i have extraordinarily vivid and colorful dreams (when i manage to sleep!)

  5. i have a wonderful memory for totally useless information

  6. i have never lived out of hearing distance of water.... from the mississippi to the intracoastal..i love listening to boats at night when it's quiet..

  7. i am a pack rat, but at the same time, i really love clear space. those 2 extremes just don't work well together!

and since i really don't like to blog unless i have some photos to post here are some of my random favorites...

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Blogger Del said...

So great to find a post from you today. Your pictures are lovely. Hope I can once again learn to post images on Blogger. I'm going to work more on it this evening. Love, Del (comes from my middle name Delmay which everyone called me until fifty years ago when I moved to SCalifornia - my few remaining family members still do!)

7:12 PM  
Blogger Alison Schwabe said...

Yes, I like to put up a photo with a post too but don't always - yesterday for example I didn't/ Today I took a couple of snaps and will post them soon.

Whatever the subject of this last photo, it is intriguing and quite beautiful.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Andi said...

I bet your first name is Marie and you just don't want us to know that you have your own magazine (sorry I couldn't resist). Was that your article in the new Quilting Arts? :) Every now and then I come across some of those "mardi gras" beads you loved so much (the donutty ones with the iridescent rainbow finish) and send you happy vibes. Give yourself a huge hug for me!

9:47 PM  

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