Sunday, November 06, 2005

the rest of the list

5. (apparntetly i skipped 5....ok . so i;m not good at numbers either.......and considergin the screwed up order of thsi list i amy be more dyslexic than i think!

11. while wathcing the river roll by yesterday i realized just how much i am influenced by rythm. i was fascinated at the rythm of the waves left behind after a large barge tow went by.
(kidn of looked like the loch ness monster frankly!)

12. i love history.... thats what my first degree was in...(with the exception of military-political history which is pretty much how its usually taught unfortunately) . social, cultural, intecllectual history is what relaly floats my boat. essentially its just the stories of our ancestors.

13. along those lines, my dads family was part of the german emigration to the river in the early 1700's. i doubt the mosquito infested heat and humidity was what they were expectign to find but somehow they managed to survive adn build a thriving agricultural community. they grew rice and sugar cane and lived in, built, and bought various plantations along the river. some of which are still standing.

14. having said that , my dh and i bougth an old house @ 6 years ago that we;ve been slowly renovating. ( sold a perfectly wonderful brand new house we had built (with doors that actually closed and a gjillion electric outlets to do this!) it;s been an interesting experince to say the least! as much trouble as they can be, i still love old houses. it;s very comforting to live in a space thats long since been broken in, where adding one more nick or dent to the floor just adds to the patina....

15. like dijanne, i woudl much prefer beign barefoot and i am definately a floor sitter/worker. i pretty much always end up working on the floor ....(usually cus whatever talbe top i;m supposed to be working on gets so filled with Stuff. )

16. i am infp ...the f and p are pretty middle groudn and flip flop fro time to time but the introverted part is strong. i need my own space and time to myself and can get pretty darned grumpy without it.

17. i am realllly having that glass itch bad.. i want a kiln so bad i can taste it!

18. i am embarassed to admit that even tho they;ve been losing for 30+ years i am still and have been a Saints fan since day 1. thank god lsu knows how to win...

19. i used to love to garden, now i just end up with mega allergies.

20. i should be outside welding instead of inside on the computer.

and an extra:

21. i made it thru all 20 wihtout once mentioning the h word! (hurricane.....)


Blogger dijanne cevaal said...

HI Claire
OMG I can't believe you barrack for a team called the Saints!!! So do I ( I am sure different kinda game- but they are the saints and the team song is you guessed it!) and I have been barracking for them since 1967- when I first saw them play, and i knew nothing about the game-they have not won since I started supporting them- got close a few times- but in the end not- and we live in an old house too- a recycled one and like you love the patina of the dints and scratches of past generations- ohh and I studied history for my frist degree as well ( though it was combined with law)- and i still love history -that's why I travel.

1:04 AM  
Blogger cfent said...

its what my frined calls an *ooo-eeee-oooo*... the saints team i am referring to plays football adn was started in, you guessed it, 1967!!!!!
we definatly need to meet one day!

8:19 AM  

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