Sunday, November 06, 2005

20 things list continured

from the sketchbook

6. i;m abosltuey a night person.

7, as much as i like the IDEA of simplicity and order , i am a pack rat and collector of Stuff. i coudl definatly
hold my own in the messiest studio category.

8 i;ve been married for 31 years....( yes i was a baby.....) and have 2 kids. an almost 21 year old son, and an 18 yr old daughter
whos supposed to be away at school but who has come home every weekend since!

9.most succesful stress buster: meditation

10 i love books..alwyas have, alwyas will. @ a year ago a high school friend mailed a book back to me that i had made
eons ago. i was damned impressed that i had done it ! i had totally forgotten about it.

to be continued.............this is as long as i can stand to sit at teh computer adn write.


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