Saturday, November 05, 2005

the 20 thigns list

1/ obvilusy, i type very dyslexically. what;s really weird is i can spell...its typing i cant do. its a spatial thing. cant dance either. have 3 left feet. and i am pretty backwards when it comes to mehcanical things as well. i often wonder how i am able to do the things i do!

2. i am turnign 50 in a few weeks. on thanksgiving )nov 24 for those of you outside the states)
i was born on thanksgiving, adn fraknly have always considered it MY day! i have a very nice collection of turkey platters that i have yet to unpack and hang since we moved to this house...... 6 years ago.....

3. i went back to school to get my art degree in was pretty much an impulsive decision. my husband and i had been asked to do an exhibit at the local museum by an artist in town who i was jsut gettign to know. she had a wonderful studio where she taught a variety of classes. i remember thinkgin i would like to take classes with her.. someday....when the kids were older.. when i had more free time etc.... the show went up, and b4 it came down she discovered she had cancer adn died. this was @ a year after my dad had died of cancer. i realised right then and there that if you wnat to do soemthign in life you;d best jump in and do it cus there sure arent any guarantees.

4. i was born in new orleans and lived there till i was 12. i lived a couple of blocks off of the levee
(west bank of the river). i am a river girl thru and thru. in fact, my dh and i had a picnic at the levee this afternoon....
here are a few px.....


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