Thursday, February 01, 2007


a new piece!

it's been incubating for a while. i've had these fabrics floating around the studio for at least 2-3 years. i've taken them out, put them back. taken them out, put them back. ad infinitum. until a few days ago...
and i actually really like what it's evolved into - which is not even close to the vaque notion i had in my head before i started. so i''ll walk you through a few steps. what did we do before digital cameras?

step 1. a random assortment .... i twirled the composition around and around in photoshop, looking for which side wanted to be up... and played with rearranging fabrics.. and ended up taking most of them down, as i wanted it to have a more vertical look....

so here is step 2.

it's moving closer to what i want...there are definate vertical lines happening. now i see that i need to repeat the vertical

and take out the horizontal bit of striped rust fabric. i also added the small strips of *stripes* which are actually pieced strips recut and resewn...i love the discharged circles (still vertical) and the rust shapes on the left hand side, which are starting to look like, what else??? - fences.

so now it's a matter of refining...

and here is the next step. i'm pretty happy with it overall, but not wild about the middle section... so still thinking..
in the meantime, once i got to this stage, it told me what it
was and finally had a name...which helped to decide where to go next with it..

i like the screen of the tree in the center, but it's way too small.
so back to photoshop to resize that image, and make a few modifications....

i printed it out, cut around some of the white areas, pinned it to the design wall, and took another couple of photos... played around a bit more and eliminated the bulk of the white background till i had it where i wanted it....and did the deed...

and now it's ready to be stitched.. and frankly i can't wait to start
on it! i can actually see exactly what i want to do to it....
(tho it remains to be seen if what i want to do ends up being
what it wants... you know how those pieces start getting

and it's name:
echo ( as of now.. i reserve the
right to change my mind!)



Blogger lizzieb said...

This is really cool, Claire. It is so much fun switching everything around. So explain to me better what you did with your tree? You enlarged it? Printed it on fabric or screened it? We are both on the same color wavelength.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Gerrie said...

I have the same question as Liz. I want to know more about the tree! And I, too, am working in this color palette!!

7:16 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

i'll add another photo that will explain it better...

7:28 PM  

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