Saturday, January 27, 2007

a visual aid

this picture was in our local paper this morning. it's a shot of the intracoastal.
essentially you are viewing it from the west, heading east...i put a yellow dot up in the left hand corner about an inch or so down from the top...which is where we live. and why, tho i never worried about flooding before....after katrina/rita, it has become an issue. the article is about a proposal to relocate the intracoastal further south, to both avoid the chance of flooding, and also to attempt to lessen the occurence of salt water intrusion this far north, which is one of the reasons for coastal (and not so coastal) erosion.
interesting proposition. the way governments move, IF it ever were to occur, i'm quite certain it would be far into the future.


Blogger Del said...

Thanks for posting this image. I always long to know where cyber friends are located. The boat wake in the foreground looks like a spirit. Lady of the Intercoastal?

8:40 AM  

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