Friday, January 05, 2007


is what it's taken to get into my new "improved" blogger account this morning. is it just me? or do the words new and improved signal here comes trouble to you too? i seem to be on a technical downhill slide so far in 2007. first, i had trouble creating a coallge in picassa...finally got that done days after the first attempt. second, the new universal remote i got for my tv up here has ceased to work after 2 days. don't ask me why. third, i have ended up in log in hell everytime i've tried to update my blog. i am hoping that i am getting all of 2007's glitches out of the way in one fell swoop and the rest of the year will flow seamlessly.....(one can hope!)

so. i've already forgotten who's brilliant idea this was, but here is my 2006 collage. (postcards excluded...)

there is a definate theme there isn't there? rust, circles, hurricanes...with a bit of red creeping in...

and here is the first piece of 07: VERY different!!

the first baby quilt i've made in i can't remember when! my husband's niece had her first baby a couple of weeks ago and auntie claire decided it would be her job to introduce the little sweetie to color! we haven't met her yet as they live in st. louis, but hopefully we will before she starts school!

it had been so long since i made a traditional quilt, i wondered whether or not i'd even remember how! i had 9 patch blocks leftover from swaps i did in another lifetime, so had fun using those.... in fact it was so much fun i have taken out all my dad's shirts and pajamas i've had tucked away for the last 6 years since he died and it may be time to do that feels sort of like *cleansing my palette* before embarking on a new year of art quilts.

i've thought about making goals/resolutions and about all i definatly know that i want to do is at least make Some work that is Big. (anything over 45" qualifies as big in my book). there are those that say the space you have to work in influences size. since i am blessed to have a huge studio, with an 8 foot square design wall i don't think i fit in that category. the simple fact is i just naturally tend to work smaller. after hearing WORK BIG for a week last summer at qsds, i have decided to make a whole hearted attempt to do just that.

we'll see!

hope we all have a wonderfully productive and succesful 2007~!


Anonymous Gerrie said...

I like your collage of 2006 work. I did one on my blog, too. It was interesting to see the work in one place. Your's has such a wonderful earthy, organic feel.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous June said...

Are you saying that what stuck in your mind from Columbus was the "gift" we gave Michael at the end of the workshop -- you know, the one that used the theme that "size matters?" snort!

Glad to hear you are taking up ladder climbing -- it really is good for the knees and your sense of space. And I like the company.


9:16 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

we'll see how that goes! the workign big thing..
it totally makes me feel like a fish out of water...but i think that is a good thing.. after all why do i want to stay in my comfort zone right??? EEEKKK!!!!

9:21 PM  
Blogger diva of quilts said...

Wonderful baby quilt!!! and the 2006 collage is great too. It's so refreshing to do something different.

45" is big in my book too. I'm waiting to see how my work will translate in that size.

8:57 AM  
Blogger brdhsbldr said...

The baby quilt is so wonrously joyful and after the post-Katrina year we do wish you joy.

11:54 AM  
Blogger cfent said...

thank you!!

12:21 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

You know, that 2006 collage would make a pretty good quilt all sewn together! Maybe you could make prints of it...

2:37 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

hadn't thought of that. might be worth looking into ...thanks liz.

11:23 AM  

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