Tuesday, November 07, 2006

and art imitating life

about a month ago i sent 4 of my katrina pieces (chaos , maelstrom, prayer flag, and the longest year) north of the lake to the berry patch quilt and art expo in pontchatoula. i have to admit i did feel a little anxiety over having them hanging outside but knew they'd be in capable hands, so off they went. when they were delivered back to my daughter the day before halloween i suggested she should bring them up to her room (sorority house) rather than leave them in her car, figuring they'd be safer there. which she did.

2 days later i got the phone call... you know the one that starts with: *everything's ok but....* expecting it to be another fender bender, i was somewhat shocked when the next phrase came out: "your quilts flooded".

???? flooded? on the 2nd floor? when it hadn't even been raining?? surely she's kidding, but no, she wasn't..... as it turns out, her roommate (hi katie) fell asleep in the bathtub with the water running after returning home from a halloween party. and with a new twist to the phrase trick or treat, my Hurricane Katrina ( o, the irony) quilts proceeded to get trapped in their own personal little flood.

she's SO like her dad- who flooded house #1 while *fixing the shower* many years ago... an event that was brilliantly depicted in a cartoon drawn by our neighbor, which unfortunately i can't find at the moment or it would be displayed here in living color.

she did manage to deal with it well.....hung them up all over the living area downstairs with signs attached proclaiming: "My Mom's Art; Don't Touch", and proceeded to stand watch over them while they dripped and dried.. figuratively speaking. she was awakened at 4 am from her cozy little perch on the sofa to find all the lights on and her sorority sisters ooooohing and ahhhing (and, yes, touching them too), but they were safe and sound.

she was Very glad to bring them home the next evening.

they survived quite nicely; they were only temporarily traumatized.

and they are now truly Authentic Katrina Quilts having endured their own personal flood....

never a dull moment around here.


Blogger Karoda said...

ummm, more like their (the quilts) own personal baptismal...they are holy and sanctified now :)

3:08 AM  
Blogger Helen in the UK said...

That must have been a heart-stopping moment. Glad to hear they survived ok :)

5:51 AM  
Blogger DubiQuilts said...

What a scary time for you, your daughter and quilts. The quilts may have been drip drying but they had another show.

3:15 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

i do like the idea that they've had their own special christening.. frankly by the time she called, it was over and i have to admit i got the giggles cus i could just picture her standing over them guarding them with her life! she also tells a good story....

4:40 PM  

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