Monday, November 27, 2006

wonderful weekend

just getting back to reality after a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. we did a non-traditional tg day; brunch instead of the usual turkey adn trimmings. it was just right. and friday we headed off to new orleans for my birthday...stayed at the block keller house b&b which was the best! it was the first time we had been there but won't be the last. it's built way up off the ground so even tho they had 5 feet of water during the storm there wasn't a lot of damage. i think there's mostly storage on the ground floor. the're on the fringes of lakeview, and i'd say the area right where they are is @ 50/50 as far as getting back to normal goes. they even had some really cool fiber art hung upstairs

we spent a gorgeous afternoon in the french quarter which was full of people -- a glorious site! and enjoyed the sounds and sights down there; the calliope was playing as we pulled up and there was music everywhere we walked, so things seem fairly back to normal there. walked around and took some photos. my favorite is this one....and it's NOT manipulated...(only cropped the teeniest bit):

lots of wrought iron photos too....this one is already a screen:

lots more architectural photos to be turned into screens; and lots of inspiration. in fact, time to get back to work! more later


Anonymous June said...

I'm so glad to hear you got back to where your heart is, Claire. And thanks for letting QA know you'd updated the blog -- otherwise, I wouldn't have found out until Christmas:-)


9:31 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

thanks june! it was a wonderful shot in the arm as always. need to go there more often.....

9:57 AM  

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