Monday, November 27, 2006

a few more

px. one of the highlights for my hubby was running into leah chase , one of the *grande dames* of new orleans cooking. he had met and photographed her while he was workign at nicholls, so was glad to be able to visit with her and buy her newest cookbook, which she graciously autographed to me (the NON cook!). we will definately be on the lookout for the restarant;s re-opening, hopefully the first of the year.

i made a few relaly fun purchases including this little critter which i bought at the french market. i wish i remember it's's a *good spirit*. tho frankly i love it cus it makes me smile! however if it wants to keep the bad spirits away that is perfectly fine with me. in that vein, he's sitting on top of my computer monitor, hopefully protecting me from crashes and nasty bugs.

saturday we were heading for magazine street when we passed a park with white tents set up, and stopped to see what was going on. and to my delight, it was an art fair! how cool was that? there was lots of really nice stuff but the first thing that caught my eye that i had to have was a print of a watercolor of mr. bingle! if you're from down here no further explanation is needed. if you're not you can find it here and/or here.

and here are a few more photos :

well. it won't let me upload any more i'll send this and add some more later...


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