Friday, January 19, 2007

it was the best of was the worst of times

dickens said it just perfectly.

very big sigh.

as a 40 year saints fan, it's the best of times... no words can convey the thrill of finally being able to ENJOY an entire season + of games.

as a 30 year friend, it's the worst of one of our best friends will be laid to rest tomorrow...

all i can say is heaven has got to be a happier place right now... one of our most shining lights has made his way to the pearly gates...and the image i have is of him up there telling stories like no one else could....

below is one of the cartoons he drew for us many years ago.

for some completely unfathomable reason, the best cartoon he ever did, one that we had framed, has gone missing. we have torn this house apart from top to bottom- more than once - looking for it. it was here a minute ago.
will put the best of times in another post.


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