Saturday, January 06, 2007

weird weather

i was going thru some old photos last night, and came across the ones i took on our one and only white christmas down here...which happened 2 years ago. i did a little editing and ended up with this photo which i just love.....since this winter season seems to be one of weird extremes (ok....too spooky... as soon as i typed that another deluge began here!!) i thought this was a timely photograph to post! for those of you in the northeast who are winter-less, here's a little reminder....

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Blogger Rayna said...

Uh - thanks for the reminder. As IF! Never fear, we'll get it big time when it comes. Dreading the moment.

As far as working bigger - I hope to do that when I am in my new, sunny space. But we shall see.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous claire said...

why did i know you'd have that reaction???

3:04 PM  

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