Tuesday, February 06, 2007

fun stuff in the mail!

yesterday's mail brought my copy of the long awaited and anticipated new book by our very own lesley riley. the book is entitled: Fabric Memory Books: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration and it's very aptly named as it's very inspirational! it definitely makes me want to get out piles of stuff and PLAY!

the other reason i'm thrilled to see it is i have a piece in there that i've been waiting to unveil.. here it is:

lesley invited 11 artists to submit a page for a book that will be auctioned off later this year revolving around the them of home. this piece was done with mixed media techniques based on a photograph i took at laura plantation just a few months before the fire. this image is the upstairs back gallery, (porch ) and is the essence of home to me. i've got other photos and mentions of laura plantation in the archives as well. this piece is bordered with the same wonderful woven paper fiber that i used in a couple of my sculptures. i just love the stuff and it's always fun to use. i attached 3 small glass vials to the side of the page as well symbolizing the past history of this particular home, which was in my family for many years...

i was thrilled to be included in lesley's project along with the rest of the notable cast of characters. the other quilt artists included are susan shie, mary fisher, and laura wasilowski. and mixed media artists nina bagley, sas colby, patti culea, claudine helmuth, karen michel, lynne perrella, and lynne whipple. what a wonderful group! i urge you to get the book and enjoy!

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Blogger lizzieb said...

this is wonderful, Claire! I look forward to seeing the book1

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