Monday, January 02, 2006

ringing out the old,

a few days late.
i spent new year' eve dogin sculpture: more aptly, creating an installation: kleenex mountain.
as it was not a process id like to be reminded of i declined to take a photo. it's been a long time since i,ve had a garden variety cold and i hope it' even longer till the next one. it does make one appreciate the oft neglected adn underrated body part- the nose. (i swear there was a perfectly nose shaped wonton floating right smack dab in the middle of my soup the other evenign......), the wonton soup was my cure of choice till fent could get to the store adn make me a pot of the real thing---a huge steamy wonderful pot of chicken noodle soup that i swear is like an instant cure. i don;t know if it's the drinking it or the holding it under you nose adn allowing the steam and aroma (so i was told i couldnt smell a thing) that does it.
so in the spirit of doing a drawing a day i did the only thing i could do:


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