Tuesday, December 20, 2005

to make this art related

2 things:
during the concert, he talked a little bit about his dad....and siad he had written @ 23 THOUSAND songs........ that he wrote constantly, on anythign, wherever he was. which was just about the exact comment that walter andersen's daughter had said about her dad...
sounded like they (woody guthrie and walter andersen) were cut from the same bolt of cloth.
and...arlo's kids, willie nelson's daughter. and assorted others did much of the concert. while they were really good , what immediately came to mind when arlo was on stage was the conversation we have all had repeatedly about, (pardon the pun) finding your own voice in your work, having a body of work etc. and the very subtle but still obvious differences between startign out and sort of trying on things till they fit, and having a solid *style* if you will. his work was what it was....nothign fancy...no new techniques, just solid, mature, accomplished. some of the others coudl be seen as sort of tentative; very good, but not necessarily *there* yet. i thought of the old question of what do you submit to shows....differnet things or pieces that show a distinct body of work...... we're so close to our own work i think that we don't often recognize those things....but seeing it in a different art form altogether made it very clear to me....
my early morning ramblings for the day.


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