Monday, December 26, 2005

christmas in louisiana

even the gingerbread houses down here are sporting blue roofs....(thanks to fruit rollups), downed trees, and search markings on the walls.

thank god for humor!

we;ve had an enjoyable weekend with family and friends which is coming to an all too soon close, as life returns to something resembling normalcy. i coudl stand another week or 2 off before returnign to the day job but i don;t think that's in the cards! it has been nice to have little to no schedule.
both of the kids spent the night here christmas eve, and since they havent visited with each other in a while they stayed up till the wee hours talking, so we al got to sleep in till 10-ish which was pure heaven! and a far cry from the middle of the night wake up calls we had when they were little!
i've got an updated music system up here now thanks to santa so art making shoudl be more fun.

i also received word that i will have 2 pieces in an exhibit of louisiana artists, appropriately named uprooted, at LSU during january and february. just have to write artist statement.......aka how the storms have affected me.
its; been too nice a weekend to go there right now so we;ll get back on track tomorrow.

hope eveyrone had a wonderful christmas. down here we;re hoping for a far less evenful new year as well.

i;ve even been working on a *fluff* quilt for my dh, who's a space nut. using all those odds and ends of weird fabric i;ve accumulated over the years. pigs in space. aliens, etc. it's been fun to just play a little with it. will take soem photos as soon as i can borrow his camera!
for now i;m going to go savor a few moments of peace and quiet to do some reading and some football game watching........


Blogger smarcoux said...

Merry Christmas CLaire to you and yours nice to see you back posting

Sandy in cambridgeshire england

5:41 AM  

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