Monday, January 02, 2006

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Blogger Debra said...

Ok, Claire... will you please share how you made a journal cover for a spiral bound book?? I've passed over so many books because I wanted to make a cover and couldn't deal with the spiral part.

4:54 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

rubber cement.
i;ll have to dig out my old ones cus i do think i have at least one that i made a fabric cover for.. but the last half dozen or so i've collaged right onto the cover. this one has a few layers of medium on it as well cus i've got some assorted washers and beads, etc. attached as well... those i glued down with medium, then to be on the safe side i added a couple of coats over the whole thing (polymer glossy) it must,ve been a good idea cus nothing has come off....of the front or the back and i just looked again...i alos have a sliver of nickel silver on there as well...leftover from jewlery making.......
time to go start covering the current one!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Fun stuff, Claire! I cover my sketchbooks, too --- seems to jumpstart the creative process inside them..........

6:43 AM  

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