Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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it doesn't look nearly as overwhelming in a photo as it does in reality. i feel like i've been buried in paper. somehow i am managing to get the really important stuff done. i did actually show up for jury duty this morning after unearthign the summons a few days ago...
not that it's high on my personal list of priorities but they do frown on people not showing up, and somethign makes me think *ooops i lost the paper on the bottom of a stack* probably doesn't hold much water.
actually i have been busily multi-tasking:
  • working on new pieces requiring heavy (as in Time Consuming) hand embroidey
  • de-foresting my backyard little bits at a time in order to avoid heat stroke
  • actually taking care of the growing pile of paperwork
  • helping to move my darling blonde daughter back to school
  • working my way through some summer time reading
  • and redoing the images on my website after accidentally wiping them out

pretty much everythign but blogging. i've taken a short *blog-cation* i guess. however in the meantime i have also sold a few pieces, gotten some work delivered to the mississippi gulf coast for the ohr rising exhibit, and am in the process of getting some work shipped to denver for the taking a stand: voices in fiber exhibit

and now, back to stitching. deadlines await


Blogger Debra said...

I don't know, Claire, that paperwork pile looks pretty daunting!! I will be forced into a "blog-cation" in September, at which time I figure I'll lose most of my readers (sigh).

9:58 AM  
Blogger cfent said...

yep / it grows faster than i can keep up. so much for a paperless society! there's the constant battle for balance: do the pqaperwork - make the art - have a life....etc etc ad infinitum.

10:24 AM  

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