Tuesday, August 08, 2006

laura plantation

there was an article yesterday in our local newspaper about the rebirth of laura plantation. laura is an old plantation that was bought by my grandpa's grandpa (a. florian waguespack) many years ago. (with the stipulation that the name did not change.) i had gone there
with a friend a couple of weeks before the fire in 04, and as a matter of fact, a piece i made from
one of the photographs i took will be in lesley riley's new book that will be coming out in a
couple of months. while i won't reveal that piece now, i will post some photos taken there.
the new owners have done an incredible job of restoring and re-creating the entire plantation site and it's place in history, including the fact that it was the birthplace of br'er rabbit.
there are alos great shots of the work in progress.
it's a source of much inspiration for me...


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