Tuesday, August 29, 2006


the longest year is history (almost)
you can feel a very palpable sigh of relief as this milestone passes.
i've been watching the local goings on while stitching all day...
a very appropriate backdrop.
i overdyed a couple of the printed squares and think the result is a lot
closer to what i wanted....
will do the rest..

sandra asked about the screens...

here is a detail photo of the last scroll...

the dark brown image that fills most of the detail is a manipulated tree photograph. i have MANY many photos of uprooed,, snapped, leaning, etc. trees and was obsessed for a while editing the images down to their *bones*. i went through @ 10-12 versions of this image, continually erasing all but the structure. it's one of my favorite images. to me it reads as a relationship.. i *see* 2 individuals ...separate but connected.... anyway... the text: *change* across the bottom is from a photograph of a building in the french quarter....the word *change* etched in the stone facade...i thought it particularly apt. there's a fema headline above and to the right of change... which says *fema says katrina taught it a lesson...* (that remains to be seen!). above the fema print is a roulette wheel (clip art); in the space between the branches is the (green) text from a sign that was propped up on a ruined sofa in front of a house in the 9th ward and reads: *most costly disaster in history yet most of congress hasn't been here to see it in person. all who do say its much worse than one can imagine*. truer words were never spoken above that in blue is a gear (clip art). which is an apt metaphor for the response (or lack therof) to the hurricanes: it was definatly a case where the gears were anythign but well oiled adn funtional. nowhere did it mesh. and finally, above that in gray green is a recent newspaper headline: *sounding the alarm*

here are my original photos that change, the tree, and the sign came from:

well. for whatever reason those photos aren't uploading. i will try to re- post them.. (they're above this post)


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