Saturday, April 08, 2006

grand isle

went to deliver *paupiere* this morning to the grand isle Art show... i hadn't been there since the storms.... more sighs. signs of destruction, MORE dead trees, lots of reconstruction. i guess the usual sites one sees down here. we had a wonderful afternoon walking along the beach, taking photos. these are some that my dh, cliff, took. while i have finally gotten the hang of downloading photos without zoombrowser i have also temporarily misplaced my camera battery charger! so can't download mine YET...
storing up inspiration for the next batch of new work while the weather is gorgeous. it won't be long till it's too hot and humid to even attempt to go outside. part of the fun today was the butterfly escort that accompanied us down the beach!.. everytime i looked up there were 2 or 3 little mostly black with a little bit of vivid orange butterflys just ahead of us... fun!


Blogger Eileen said...

I am encouraged that one who is active and so creative could mislay their batterie charger. Next time I don't find what I need I will not whip myself so much.

6:29 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

well i can see i need to add a quilt to my website....
it;s called "where did it all go?"
and features a black hole sucking all those things we've *lost* over the years;s heavily embellished! and won first place in the themed art show at school a couple of years ago....the theme was forks knives and spoons....
i can misplace anything...not a talent i;m particularly proud of..

8:09 AM  

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