Thursday, April 06, 2006

more signs of spring!

taken over the past weekend at a retreat near here. i had a wonderful time being outisde ...took photos and did sketches.... but came home sick....i've slept more in the last few days than in the last month! here are a few sketches from the weekend as well....

the 2 little dots on the bottom left of the pond
sketch are my bad attempt at capturing the gator that poked his little head up while i was sitting and sketching.... he was a little one.....
but not long after i sketched this, as the sun was
setting and it was getting very quiet out there, we did hear a few very low very loud *thwumps* that let us know the gators were having their dinner.....


Blogger brdhsbldr said...

Exposing my utter ignorance, in that I am from southern Canada, not the southern USA, but what would the gators be having for dinner? - inattentive sketchers?
Things look so green. Here the leaves are only starting to pop.

11:07 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

not this time!
and frankly, i'm embarassed to admit...i don't know what they normally eat..... as long as it's not me or my family i'm ok.. and yes, we've already broken several high temp records, i'm sorry to say...and on the way for some drought records as well.....
green r us.

11:29 PM  

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