Saturday, February 25, 2006

fauna of the day

we've had this gorgeous little critter peckgin at an upstairs window for the last several days...
i think it's a woodpecker....??? as far as i know anyway...

i've always liked black and white with a little red...this fella sure makes it look good!

fent took these photos this afternoon... if i'd have known we were going to have visitors i'd have cleaned the window!

yeah right!!!

don't know what he's looking for..

but he sure is entertaining..


Blogger Debra said...

You have a wonderful example of a red-bellied woodpecker there. Such a pretty thing!!

According to Audobon, this robin sized bird lives in open and swamp woodland and comes into parks during migration and to feeders in the winters.

It is the common woodpecker over much of the South. A beneficial bird, it eats the beetles that bore into wood.

11:09 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

well how cool is that! i figured there would be a birder out there somewhere...i just figured he was trygin to get into my almost 21 yr old son's old room....there's got to be some decaying wildlife in there somewhere ..... ;-)
nice to know they eat the bad stuff.. now if only there was a bird that ate mildew down here we'd be set!

11:26 PM  
Blogger Pat's Place said...

Woodpeckers are very territorial and, much like so many other birds, will attack their own image in window glass. If you begin to have trouble with the bird flying at your windows, you may wish to put some black paper cutouts of an owl on the windows until after mating season. You can also use masking tape and put an X on the window glass. Some folks put owl statues in their yards to discourage the woodpeckers from 'knocking' on their wood siding and making lots of holes in it as they proclaim their territorial rights! We had quite a bit of damage done to cedar siding at our last home...
We now have two pair of rose-breasted or red-bellied woodpeckers coming to our suet feeders and as spring is in the air, they are getting a tad fiesty with one another... They are gorgeous birds and they have an interesting and easily identifiable call. Whenever I hear them, I turn to my suet feeders to catch a glimpse of these colorful birds.

12:20 PM  
Blogger cfent said...

i'm sure i've heard them without realizing who that sound was coming from! it's wonderful to wake up to the birds chattering again.... thanks for the advice ..
will definately do either the tape or owl much as i love seeing them i really don't need any holes in the house...

1:03 PM  
Blogger brdhsbldr said...

Yes, the tape or cutouts or if you want something really classy (and more expensive) Lee Valley Tools sells a white spiderweb printed on thin plastic - the kind that sticks to the window. In the center of the "web" is about a one inch long by 3/8 in verticle zig zag which is supposed to signal the birds not to fly into the sticky web.
He is indeed a beauty,but I wouldn't trust his intentions. Sometimes they are drawn to something that will raise a racket. We had one fellow who particularly liked the metal spout of the silage clipper.
Years ago when a pilliated woodpecker settled on the raw wood side of our unfinished house. I ran across the yard screaming and flapping at him, and he now confines himself to the power pole.

5:07 PM  

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